A woman placing a paraffin wax glove on another woman's hand.

During your complimentary paraffin hand wax treatment, your hands will be slipped into a glove containing a perfect temperature paraffin wax. The wax will then be gently massaged into all areas of the hands and will then be covered with soft terry cloth gloves. All to be removed at the end of the visit.

Paraffin treatments contain wax and mineral oils that have been shown to soothe aching joints and improve circulation. The Treatment will give you softer, more youthful skin. Your are important to us. Come let us pamper you with a complimentary spa-like treatment at Lakeside Dental.

An assortment of bakery treats sitting on a blue tray.

Upon entering out reception area you will not only be welcomed with a warm smile, but you will be offered complimentary hot coffee and delicious fresh baked snacks provided by ” The Blissful Whisk”, our adjoining bakery. Cold bottled drinking water will also be readily available. We want your visit to be enjoyable in every way because you are important to us. Snacks in waiting room provided by Blissful Whisk

Purple flowers, and small glass bottles of essential oils on a marble table top.

If you enjoy aromatherapy, you might like a complimentary warm, soothing lavender neck roll to further stimulate your senses and help you slip into total relaxation.

Lavender is native to the mountainous zones of the Mediterranean where it grows in sunny, stony habitats and is well known for its health and relaxation benefits.

A dental office with dental tools, a monitor, and table with a sink.

Come relax in our plush leather dental chairs, put on our blue tooth headphones, and enjoy a movie or music from the above chair personal TV located in each treatment room. It is important to us that you are comfortable and relaxed.

A hand holding a small copper massage pillow.

If you enjoy aromatherapy, you might like a complimentary warm, soothing lavender neck roll to further stimulate your senses and help you slip into total relaxation.

Lavender is native to the mountainous zones of the Mediterranean where it grows in sunny, stony habitats and is well known for its health and relaxation benefits.

The inside of a dental office with various tools and sanitation equipment.

Our state of the art sterilization center is one more thing that will impress you. We want you to have complete confidence that all our instruments and techniques are safe and sterile, not only in what can be seen, but more importantly in what can not be seen. Harmful bacteria and viruses are eradicated in our streamlined hospital grade sterilization center which follows strict CDC guidelines. Autoclaves are regularly monitored to insure they are effective.

Foot pedals open and close cabinets and turn on and off water so as to prevent cross-contamination. Instrument dryers improve the sterilization process. Come view our sterilization Center and let our sterilization technician “wow” you with the whole sterilization process.

A female dentist showing an elderly patient an x-ray.

X-rays are a essential tool for dentists. They are used in diagnosing tooth decay as well as other conditions of the teeth and bones. Lakeside Dental uses state of the art digital radiography – a much safer alternative to past x-ray processes. Digital radiography uses 70-80% less radiation than traditional film x-rays.

Rather than bulky cardboard pieces, digital x-rays use a single small sensor that’s placed in your mouth and attached to a computer imaging device. Pictures are relayed instantly to a chair-side monitor for easy viewing. It also allows us to zoom in and display close-up images. This means more accurate diagnosis and treatment of trouble spots.

A dental patient wearing sunglasses and receiving a laser treatment.

Sometimes cavities can form in pin-size holes and crevices on the tooth. The Laser Cavity Finder has the unique ability to detect these sneaky cavities that traditional techniques might have missed.

Using this technology allows us to be nearly 100% accurate in our cavity detection. It gives us an edge, enabling us to find and treat cavities in the earliest stages for better preservation of tooth structure. This saves our guests time and money by providing shorter and more conservative treatment options.

A male dentist working on a female patient's teeth while she lays back in the dental chair.

Because inquiring minds need to know, we have the ability to show you everything that we see in the mouth through our intra-oral cameras. We can take pictures of your oral conditions and show them to you, in high definition, on our patient monitor located at each dental chair. We want you to understand the “why’s and why not’s” to the treatment we are recommending, and see for yourself, in great detail, the conditions present so that you can make the best informed decision possible.

A dental exam room showcasing a 3D radiography machine.

We know that it is an inconvenience for our patients to be referred to another office for treatment, therefore, at Lakeside Dental, our goal is to do as much of your necessary treatment right here in our facility so you don’t have to be inconvenienced with a referral.

Our 3-D CAT Radiography helps us to see 3 dimensional images of the teeth, bone, airway, and jaw joints so that we can accurately diagnose, screen, and treat traumatic injuries, difficult root canals, implants, Sleep Apnea, Extractions, Braces, etc. Some of these procedures can be billed to your medical insurance, allowing you to use valuable dental benefits for other treatment.

A female dentist examining a screen with an x-ray of dental implants.

At Lakeside Dental we desire to be on the cutting edge of innovations that make your visit more comfortable and affordable. Digital scanning and Printing accomplishes this. In many cases, we no longer have to place gooey, gaggy impression materials in your mouth but can take these impressions digitally by simply waving an electronic wand in your mouth.

This digital impression can then be used to fabricate many of the restorations and appliances we fabricate for our patients. The 3-D printers print the molds for us while we are working, thus increasing efficiency and conserving materials. With these innovations, we can fabricate our own invisible aligners to straighten teeth, study models, custom sports mouth guards, and much more.

A male dentist treating a young female patient.

If, after all your attempts to overcome dental fear, you find yourself still nervous because of past negative experiences, we offer a combination of oral premedication and nitrous oxide sedation for adults that is sure to help you.

If you are interested in sedation, please contact our office in advance of your appointment so we can make arrangements for you. Please be aware that at this time we are not equipped to put children to sleep for their procedures.

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